How hidden information of today
can shape the world of tomorrow?

Secrecy, Right to know, Undisclosed :
Three words incapsulating the research about the freedom of information within the UK and the responsibility of the media. Based on The Campaign for freedom of information starting in 1984, the research highlights articles never released by newspapers (and other journalistic platforms), and the laws detailing the publics right to know, the freedom of information act, and the medical reports act.

In the 2016, the Oxford Dictionaries has elected as word of the year: the post-truthdiffers from traditional contesting and falsifying of facts by relegating facts and expert opinions to be of secondary importance relative to appeal to emotion. We are living in a social world of linguistic communication which the acceptance of law and knowledge of convention, appear to be broken.
        We can assume a deep lack of understanding of how things around us was constructed as a feeling of deep strangeness. What’s the meaning of “transparency” and “freedom of information” now-days? The citizen is swamped by reality who knows just a little side of it. How can we build the future, not knowing properly the present? Focusing on it, media take their role manipulating and hide facts.