How is our data collected? How have we released the rights to all our data? Accessing the internet requires us to consent to the collection and use of our data. When did we lose the power to decide for ourselves? If we are unable to control our contribution to society then are we even a part of our society anymore?

Is mental disease a real disease or is it a consequence of our society?

        An analysis of media content has found that two-thirds of the articles that deal with mental health issues created a link between mental illness and violence. According to this analysis, the media is recognized to be a positive contributor in terms of encouraging behavior towards health. However, as far as mental health is concerned, the fear is that the media contributes to stigmatization both in Britain and abroad. Regardless of this concern, a few studies have examined and questioned the media coverage regarding mental health issues. North American research has pointed to negative stereotypes of people suffering mental ill-health in the press and on television. In addition, there have been attempts to relate audience attitudes to viewing specific programs and film, or to coverage of particular incidents.